Gold Jewelry – Is the High Cost of Gold Affecting the Designers?

Buying Gold FEATURED Gold in Daily Life

If you look at the Gold prices throughout the year, they seem to depend more on the design value of the jewelry than the actual amount of gold contained in it. According to the World Gold Council, sales in the United States seem to be rising. The Council believes the US customers buy gold for adornment, not the investment value of the jewelry

Since jewelers place their orders months in advance, it will be interesting to see what merchandise is available for the holiday season. With the fluctuating prices, it will be more difficult for both designers and retailers this year.

The gold in the stores now was purchased prior to this recent instability of the price. Since gold is at a high now, the gold in our stores for the holiday season will have been purchased at almost all-time high prices when the inventories must be increased for the seasonal sales.

Some retailers, including the Blue Nile, an online jeweler, is not totally passing on the higher prices to the consumer. This creates lower profit margins for designers but makes gold a better buy for the consumer.

Shop wisely. Check prices. If you can be flexible, you will find exactly what you want at an affordable price. Give the “Gift of Gold” to your special person.

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