A Brief Look At The History Of Gold

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Gold is among the most precious metals in the world and probably the most well known. The precious metal is very easy to manipulate and can easily be fashioned into whatever form possible. Gold has caused men to crave for more and for others to exercise their powers to protect their gold. There are actually no details about the first discovery in the history of gold but the use of it dates as far back as the third millennium BC.

The First Use Of Gold

It states in the history of gold that it was used as far back in time as the third millennium BC. The earliest known gold artifacts were found in the Middle East and they were gold jewelry of the queens and other royalties of Egypt. The history of gold can be said to have started in the region. The many objects and artifacts unearthed during archaeological digs in the Middle East suggest that the Egyptians managed to perfect their craftsmanship of the precious metal.

The history of gold suggests that gold was also used in the Persian Empire, what is now known as Iran, although the artifacts found in Iran dates later than those found in Egypt. Eventually, gold was brought to Rome when it started to become one of the more prosperous cities. In the history of gold, it was initially used as jewelry but in Rome, it was soon modified to be used as a medium for some household items and sometimes small furniture. The malleability of the metal was key to its value and so is its beauty and shine.

Eventually, gold was discovered in other parts of the world and was used to make utensils and jewelry. The history of gold brings us to the Americas where the earlier civilizations used gold widely. Around the 1800s, gold rushes hit the United States of America and many people from all over the country would flock to one area in the hopes of making it big with gold.

The history of gold is an old one but it magnifies the need of some people to have gold. It was commonly used as currency during earlier days but the rising price of the precious metal soon made gold money a thing of the past. Nowadays, gold is still traded but in the stock markets and using different standards compared to before. The price of gold rises and seldom goes down which is why many people invest in gold jewelry and other gold items.

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