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Divorce Advice

Advice From A Divorce Attorney?

I believe that divorce is one of the biggest epidemics in our current society that isn’t being recognized or treated as such. As a marriage and family therapist, of course, divorce is something that I am passionate about because it is something that I am spending my life to fight against. I am not ignorant […]

Custody Laws

Don’t Divorce Your Children

Divorce is certainly an emotional time for families. In fact, it ranks as one of the most stressful experiences in life. However, it is not only the adults who experience this stress. If the adults are parents, their children often suffer greatly. Their suffering can not be entirely eliminated. A certain amount of grief at […]

Divorce and the Child Custody Evaluation

Getting prepared for the Child Custody Evaluation can be nerve-racking, but if you take these things into consideration they can guide you toward a successful Child Custody hearing. You should be friendly, sincere and candid in your approach toward the opposing attorney. You should look at the psychological evaluation as if it is a job […]