How to Leverage Success From One Platform to Boost Another

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Something I don’t see enough in the world of internet marketing, is synergy between platforms and accounts.

There are a surprising number of influencers and creators on the web who have achieved amazing fame and renown on just one platform. I don’t understand how they can allow this to be the case.

Let’s say you have an Instagram account with 1 million followers, but only 5k followers on YouTube. Or maybe you have a hugely popular Twitter account, but no one is reading your blog.

In either of these situations, you need to find a way to leverage success from one of your platforms, to boost the other. You need to direct a large proportion of your follows on one account, to another!

There are countless ways to do this.

One excellent example is to use content that comes in ‘two parts.’ For example, you might write a training program that will get your audience to build muscle and lose weight. You could talk about this program on YouTube (where you have 1 million followers) and then share the actual routine itself as a photograph on Instagram!

This simple trick will be enough to direct thousands of visitors to your social media account, thereby helping you to grow your audience on that second account.

You can do the exact same thing with a website.

Another option is to simply expose your audience to the other platforms. On your website for instance, you can include buttons in a prominent location that will allow your visitors to view your social accounts or follow them.

Likewise, you could even include a feed that shows your Twitter or Instagram activity right in your sidebar!

Doing this is important. Firstly, achieving growth on more than one platform will create many more in-roads to your brand. Once a YouTube channel is very successful, your videos will be recommended to more people. That means more and more people will interact with your brand.

The same thing happens on Instagram and on Google! So if all those platforms are popular, you will be gaining additional exposure from three different locations! That goes double once people start sharing and liking your content on Facebook and Twitter so that their friends can see it too.

At the same time, being strong on multiple platforms means you aren’t dependent on one tool for your entire livelihood. Ask yourself this: if Facebook deleted your account tomorrow, how would your business survive?

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