Avoiding Traditional Niches and Trying Something New

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Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when creating your blog and starting to earn money online is deciding what niche (subject) you want to focus on. What topic do you want to be writing about a day in and day out for the next several months? What subject out there has a big enough audience but isn’t too competitive? What subject is highly monetizable?

This is something that can cause a lot of people to stress and in many cases, it can even prevent them from making a decision and getting started!

But instead of being frozen with indecision, why not instead try going for something a little different?

Great Examples of Unusual Niches

The big problem a lot of bloggers have when choosing a niche is that they think only in terms of popular niches that already exist and that are already getting a lot of attention.

Common examples of niches include fitness, making money online, business, finance, gardening, going green, travel, dating, computer games, music, film.

But you don’t have to pick from those topics. Instead, why not pick a broader niche that spans multiple areas? Maybe something a little more abstract?

A great example of this is ‘The Art of Manliness’. This is a blog that covers all kinds of topics as they relate to ‘being a man’. That means posts on ‘what it means to be a man today’, guides to smoking cigars, primers on how to win job interviews… etc.

A similar option is to take two separate niches and combine them – or to take one niche and aim it at a different audience. ‘Nerd Fitness’ is an example of a blog that does this very well by taking the ‘geek’ angle and combining it with the fitness topic.

Going Very Specific

Another option is to go much more specific. A great example of that would be to create a fan site.

Did you know that there are people out there who make a living from writing about Sonic the Hedgehog? From writing about Man United? From writing about Sylvester Stallone?

If you’re a big fan of any pop culture, any celebrity, any band, then this can make an amazing niche. It has a very clear audience/demographic. Lots of routes to market, lots of topic options and clear opportunities for influencer marketing.

So if you’re stuck coming up with a niche, try thinking outside the box a little!

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