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Pampered Spa Weekend Breaks

Treating yourself to a spa weekend break would be all worth it after the grueling race you made in a month’s time of working. The weekend break has always been a welcoming relief to most to ease themselves with the accumulated stress and pressure over the weeks that have passed. Weekend breaks usually mean spending […]


Visiting The Thermae Spa in Bath – A Brief Guide

The Thermae Bath Spa is Britain’s only natural thermal spa, located in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath within the picturesque county of Somerset. Bath’s unique underground springs are the warmest geothermal springs found anywhere on the British Isles. For anyone wanting to experience an authentic and unique spa complex, the ‘Thermae Bath Spa’ […]

Spa Hotels

The term spa hotels can be used to refer to two similar but different things. It may refer to a hotel which offers “spa” amenities. Or it may refer to a real total resort destination which centers itself around the idea of providing spa services. We’ll look at both types of spa hotels throughout this […]