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Valuable Advice for Keeping a Sound Functional Roof

Remember – your roof keeps you away from the nasty elements outdoors! You need to inspect and maintain your roof regularly to prevent leaks and other problems. Too often homeowners neglect their roofs until it is too late. Use the advice listed in this article to ensure that your roof remains in great shape for […]


What is Green Roofing?

Green Roofing refers to the style of roofing by converting the traditional roofing into one filled with vegetation. In early history, this was achieved by planting grass covers (sod) on top of layers of birch wood. Modern green roofs are set up by planting local vegetation on top of a waterproofing layer and affixed to […]

Green Roofing and its Advantages

In simple terms, Green Roofing is about converting your regular roof into an environment friendly structure. This is done by partly or completely covering it with vegetation and a growing medium. Green Roofing is becoming a trend in the urban world today. There are a number of benefits that Green Roofing can give your building. […]