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What Is a Loan Constant?

Most people who apply for a loan only consider the interest rate that they are quoted by their bank or lender. While this is a good starting point it does not reflect the true “Cost of Capital.” For example, suppose you are purchasing an income property and your banker quotes you a 6.00% rate on […]


What Must be Done to Secure student Car Loan

Almost every teenager awaits the time when their parents would allow them to drive and most of all when they are given their very own cars to drive! Who would resist such tempting idea? It is very common in the American society to see student car drivers roaming the streets. Of course, just like any […]

7 Overlooked Ways to Maximize the Auto Finance Process

Buying a car can be an extremely overwhelming process. There are plenty of mistakes to make and fine print to miss when it comes to an auto loan. Be sure not to make these mistakes and your wallet will definitely thank you. When you’re signing up for a car loan, one of the first things […]